The Central MN Human Trafficking Task Force is a vitally important branch of Gracemarie's Song. The collaborative efforts of many local organizations and agencies help to make these efforts successful.

Gracemarie serves as chair of the CMHTTF.  The Central MN Human Trafficking Task Force was formed as the result of Gracemarie's attendance at a local event. The CMHTTF is meeting monthly as it continues to assess the need in central MN and work toward meeting those needs.

Our goals as a task force are to collaborate with the Minnesota State Human Trafficking Task Force (MNHTTF) and work in conjunction with and support of the No Wrong Door / Safe Harbor initiative, which sees those 17 and under as victims and not criminals.  Rather than enter into a punitive system, the victim enters a restorative system.

- to raise awareness and educate persons in all walks of life and of all ages, perspectively and with
  age appropriateness.
-to provide persons with safe housing as they transition from a life of slavery to a life of freedom.
-to assist in the securing of needed medical services.
-to offer unconditional friendship to all involved in the sex trade.
-to continue in our own education as we seek to best serve our community.

With this awareness we hope to encourage persons to join us in the effort of changing legislation, where necessary, for establishing and maintaining healthy and safe communities.