Mission Statement: To combat sexual exploitation by raising awareness, educating, devising prevention and assisting victims.

Gracemarie BioGracemarie speaks at events, giving her personal testimony of having overcome being trafficked, as well as employing the performing arts as a medium of communication. This serves in raising awareness, educating and devising prevention.

Raising Awareness and Educating:

Devising Prevention: This task is multifaceted and Gracemarie is very engaged in this effort. Awareness and education are an integral part of prevention, but strong visibility and a voice that is insistent is necessary for continuing to cause change in our society and in our legislation.

Assisting Victims: Persons coming out of slavery to the sex industry need the most basic of provisions.  We at Gracemarie's Song are intent on providing them as well as working to provide housing. Whether that means we are instrumental in securing host homes or obtaining property to use in these efforts, we are engaged in this endeavor.

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